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The municipality of Courchevel had been working on this project for a long time and has entrusted the management of Aquamotion to specialists in aquatic centres and tourist activities.

This new generation aquatic center opened on December 15, 2015.
Aquamotion summer

Aquamotion Courchevel

Aquamotion is a magical and innovative place, the largest European aquatic center located in the mountains !

15,000 m2 in the heart of the Alps, a relaxing break combining 4 worlds: Aquatic, Well-being, Sport-health and Fun !

The specially designed outdoor area hosts a playground with, in particular, a mini-golf course, two beach volleyball courts, as well as a solarium with deckchairs.

Aquamotion winter

All the pleasures of water

The different aquatic spaces make up the DNA of the AQUAMOTION center. Their ambition is to meet all desires, so that everyone can indulge in the pleasures of water in complete freedom.
Discover, marvel, exert yourself, surpass yourself or relax ... there is necessarily a suitable space!


Imagined by the town of Courchevel, this gigantic project has been developed since 2007 by the architects Auer Weber & Associates.

This spaceship made of glass and wood has landed discreetly in magnificent natural surroundings of the 3 Valleys. Despite its extraordinary size, this structure entirely dedicated to relaxation and leisure, has managed to integrate into its surroundings, nestling into the mountain side amongst the fir trees.

The architect imagined hiding the whole structure under a spectacular green roof of more than 9 800m2. Looking like a huge green wave in the summer, giving place to a snowy cocoon in the winter, it fits in perfectly with the surroundings, with only simple shells of wood showing. They are in fact vast, rounded attics which capture the light and give an incredible view of the mountains.

Above the requirements linked to the environment, this building is very futuristic.

The Aqualudique centre in Courchevel was designed to integrate perfectly into its enchanting environment, is surrounded by mountains, and is made of very noble materials. Aquamotion nestles into the mountains in keeping with nature.

A responsible energy consumption

Optimized water treatment.

Emphasis on public transport.



Courchevel chose a public service delegation to manage and run Aquamotion. This combines Récréa , major specialist  of aquatic and leisure centres and the company HPC which brings expertise in real estate and high end hotel complexes.

The municipality has entrusted these two specialists with the project for a period of eight years. Recrea has been based in Normandy at Caen-lamer, for 25 years and manage 55 leisure facilities for communities which include, social, educative and leisure aims. As much for facilities as in recreational activities, Recrea wishes to offer the best in well-being and  make their centres available to as many people as possible for physical activities promoting sport and health. 

The centres are designed to welcome the public in general from 3 months to over 77 years of age as well as people with reduced mobility. The aim of Récré is that the staff  welcome you well, groups and all users. Enthusiasm and creativity are also fundamental objectives in the leisure activities present at the centres managed by Recrea. Original and fun activities with a balance between sport, leisure and well-being in the complexes.


More than 9000 employees

48000K€ in turnover in 2014

55 aquatic centres, leisure centres and camp sites

85 clubs and non-profit making organizations present in these centres

3.4 million clients per year

7000 children in swimming schools.